Tickel’s Discovery Automotive is an independent Land Rover specialists, based in Perth Western Australia.

It is run by the two Tickel Brothers, Julien and Damien. The Tickel family have a long history with Land Rovers in Perth.

Tickels Discovery Automotive was established in 1994 by Thomas Tickel. Thomas started his automotive career in 1969 at the then Land Rover dealer Faulls. In 1983 Thomas started Britparts, in Welshpool.

Sadly in April 2015, Thomas past away. Although he is greatly missed, his legacy and passion still lives on through Julien and Damien.

Julien and Damien grew up around Land Rovers and Land Rover workshops in Perth, as children they would often help out repairing Land Rovers.

At the age of 15 and 13, the brothers would begin building their first fully modified Land Rover which took 3 years’ worth of school holidays to build.

This Land Rover, affectionately known as “The Mongrel”, has featured in various magazines around the world and is still part of the Tickel family to this day.

The brothers “officially” started working with Land Rovers in 1997. With over 20 years’ experience on Land Rovers, there isn’t much they haven’t done or come across with Land Rovers.

Now the grandchildren of Tickel’s Discovery Automotive’s founder, Thomas Tickel, are repeating history and working alongside their fathers, helping repair Land Rovers.

The Team

Our team has been carefully selected to ensure they reflect the company values. That means our customers receive the quality service and workmanship that they deserve. 

Julien Tickel – Managing Director

Some say that he has forgotten more about Land Rovers, than most people know. That he can tell the difference between a SII and a SIIA just by looking at a shackle bolt. Occasionally people will get a glimpse him leaving his den, with a purpose of inspecting what the Land Rover gods have bestowed into his care. All we know is we call him Ju.  

Damien Tickel – Operations Director

There hasn’t been a Land Rover Damien has been unable to fix. With more years than he can remember fixing Land Rovers, he loves a challenge. Unfortunately with all this experience most problems are not a challenge any more.

Stuart Trotter – Service & parts Manager

Our customers would be familiar with Stuart working diligently to make sure our customers receive the best experience possible. However that’s not his real job here. Having bachelor in aviation and a post-graduate diploma in flying, we have appointed him our modification and parts test pilot . If he can’t break a part on his many Land Rover’s, then no-one can.

Giordano Delai – Technician

Giordano, aka Jordan, has always wanted to be mechanic. When he was a boy he told his parents this. They didn’t agree, so after doing his degree in Brazil, he fled to Australia to pursue his dream and we are glad he did. His expertise and ability is a great asset to our team.

Ian Keep – Trades Assistant

Ian started here as a return to work participant after a car went through his house. Well for some reason after that incident he decided that working with cars would be a good idea. Ian brings a lot of experience from his previous industry as an industrial fitter that gives us a new perspective in our industry.

Ben Tickel – Honable Mention

Did you notice the picture of the little boy with the yellow hemet above? Well that was Julien’s son Ben. The years have flown by and this is him now, getting guidance from his uncle. Ben has a natural talent and is already rebuilding small engines, what can we say, he must get it from his father or uncle, depends on who you ask.